About this Blog

This blog is still just a little baby!  Please be lenient in your criticisms of the layout, photographs and the overall appearance of the blog, as I am still learning the tools and tricks of WordPress.com.

Do not, however, refrain from criticizing the style in which I write, my self-proofreading skills, or any of the content I provide.  I have thick skin—I’m a cook, after all.

The “Like” function:

If you “like” something, you are not necessarily agreeing with it, or endorsing it, or any other verb you can affix with it, rather, you are giving the author confidence which may help to compose something that you, or someone else, may really, really like.  So “like” liberally!

Other Writers:

I dreamed about having a blog for several years before I felt like I had enough good material to fill some pages.  Actually, I had some serious writer’s block, until I started to write for the sake of writing—nothing more.  What came of it was some real nonsense, until eventually, it broke.  I published an article in a local newspaper and while I awaited its print day, I typed a piece to have in the “queue,” if you will, and one idea after another started to spew out!  I had so much good writing that I needed an outlet.

I reserve the best, most likely to be published for the newspaper, but I now have an outlet for the…what’s the opposite of writer’s block?  Say, writer’s-cramping-hand.

The point is, if you have something to write, start a blog.  It’s a heck of a lot of fun.


6 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Best of luck on your blog! I can’t cook, but I love to read about what other people cook (and dream of some day attempting it).
    Just a few things — “awaiting it’s print day” should be its, not it’s.
    It’s queue, not “que”
    Just a bit of proofing. 🙂 I have the same layout, so I’m not complaining. Although I do like the grey background on yours!

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    • Thank you for the edits! I think you’ll be surprised how easy cooking can be, if you aren’t afraid of it and don’t treat each meal as though it will be your last. We’ve all made things that didn’t turn out exactly as planned—even professionals such as myself—just try again next time.


  2. Heh…..The “Barn” Is mine…mine…mine… you stay out of there Eric & stop grabbing the deals before I get to them!!!! Place Is a goldmine…shhhhhhhh!


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  3. Thank you for liking my post. As you read, it is a battle for me. I hope I get like you one day with writing to spare! It is good that you share all your creative talents – that is what they are for; but I know it can be hard.

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