About Eric Damkoehler


Eric Damkoehler is the Sous Chef of a well established restaurant and banquet facility in Holyoke, MA. He lives in Massachusetts, with his wife and three sons.  Eric has been working in commercial kitchens since 1999 and attended the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT.

Eric’s writing has been published in newspapers and the restaurants in which he has worked have been included in nationally syndicated magazines.

He is also a proud Shareholder of the Green Bay Packers.


19 thoughts on “About Eric Damkoehler

  1. Great site Eric. especially like the thoughts on involving the kids in the cooking process, plastic knives,no worries on dropping, spilling in general make a huge mess. Great attitude.
    Note: get a higher resolution picture of yourself. The one you have up is nice but pixilated.


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  3. Eric,

    This blog is awesome and hilarious! You are definitely one of the most talented and passionate of chefs I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Kick ass and take names!!!



  4. Eric. This Is Dan from Greenfield. Chef as well…friend of Bills too. I was born & raised n Green Bay buddy…I am the Packers…in my blood. Hmmm… We used to play our high school football games at Lambeau Field. Back in the day the packer players used to visit us in our gym class at Green Bay West High School. Lemme’ see now…think l will whip up an old fave… Roasted striper w/hash brown potatoes and bacon, corn pudding and a bit of fresh seaweed salad from the Maine-coast…perhaps a sherry vin- lee to bring it all together.

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