The One Must Have Ingredient

The Sober Sous Chef

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The recent epidemic of food allergies has forced many restaurants to customize menus, cooking practices and recipes.  Some American states have outlawed certain cooking ingredients, such as trans-fat containing oils.  The list of necessary ingredients to operate a commercial kitchen is enormous, but what is the one ingredient which would be impossible to live without?

The general consensus among chefs is, in no particular order, salt, sugar, dairy, flour and lard or oil.  Some which didn’t make the list but were close behind in importance: eggs, tomatoes, potatoes (see the salt argument), rice and garlic.

Consider this:  You are tasked with cooking a feast for one hundred people, entailed in that are hors d’ouevres, bread, appetizers, salads, main courses—there must be several—sides, and finally, dessert.  Imagine you have to eliminate the other four ingredients that you didn’t choose, as though all of the guests were severely allergic.  For instance, if you…

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One thought on “The One Must Have Ingredient

  1. I read somewhere, sometime, that although tastes vary markedly throughout the world, the one universally liked is that of the combination, in one form or other, of salt and fat. Gotta be something in that.

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