The Cow from that Commercial

Neighbors and Voters,

A vote for dairy is a vote for your health.

The first thing every human tastes is milk. It is the most important of all of the ingredients, not only to cooking, but for your health. Vitamin and protein rich, milk helps build strong muscles and bones, and a lack of it can lead to health problems such as osteoporosis.

Yogurt, another star in dairy’s family, helps to maintain a healthy digestive system. Active cultures in yogurt, called pro-biotics, play a pivotal role in combating the nasty side effects of antibiotics, a medicine which is primarily used to fight off infection. They have also reportedly been known to help regulate other digestion related ailments. So, for your bowels sake, vote for dairy.

Dairy can be fun and games too, though. It is estimated that more desserts have dairy in them than any other common ingredient. Don’t be fooled by sugar’s sweet threats, for dairy has a natural sweetness, underneath a healthy, fit skin. Ice cream, for instance, actually contains very little sugar. And what is cake without butter-cream frosting? Bread, that’s what. It’s sweet, plain, bread. Certainly, no fun at all.

Dairy also works hard. Dairy based sauces have the best consistency. Not too thick, like those of the flour variety, and not too thin, like those of the salty broth variety. No feast would be complete without a dairy based sauce.

Here’s the deal: If you do a good job, and vote for dairy, you can go to the creamy!


Kind, Good-natured Dairy Farmers

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