The Alliance for a Salty World

To the Voters,

Vote for salt, for your ancestor’s sake.

Salt is the cornerstone of eating. What is a table without a salt-shaker? It is not only a necessary dietary ingredient, but it exemplifies the point of a feast—a celebration. Salt is the celebratory ingredient. Salt brings the life out of the food. That otherwise boring and lifeless potato becomes something delicious only once salt has been added.

Before refrigeration, salt was used to cure meat.  It literally sustained generations of people, who without it, would have starved. If you aren’t yet convinced, consider that perhaps one of your ancestors wouldn’t have lived long enough to birth your family, were it not for the salt.

The character of salt is also one which must be admired. Salt is always the first to stop a chef from over-indulgence. His customers will know he’s up to no good, should something taste “salty.”

The subtle, humble salt, the one who knows it was he who made the food delicious, allows his fellow ingredients to have the credit. These chips are so good! But it is salt, who is “so good.” Without salt, you can keep your potato. For that matter, keep your entire meal. The dessert, even, is a chore without salt, hiding in the back, making sure it’s just perfect, and no one even knows he’s there.

For all that is good about food, Vote for Salt!


The Alliance for a Salty World

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