Party Time…

Party Time!

Hey, what’s crackin’ you guys!  It’s me, Shortening or Lard, or Oil—whatever you want to call me! Time to get your grease on! That’s right, I’m up for re-election! You should vote for me, cause.

No really, everyone always thinks I’m all about the party, the social hour.  But whatever, I do love having food floating deep inside me, all hot and golden brown! Yeah, you like how I cook your chicken wings! Right?

Ok, ok. This is the nitty and gritty stuff, my agent is like…I gotta say it. I cook everything you eat! True story bro, I don’t mean to brag but that’s me in your salad, me on your sandwich, me on your cake.  Dude, I’m everywhere.  Totally trending man.

So, you know what to do.  Tell all of your friends that you are too cool to vote, but you know you can’t live without me.  So go ahead, give it a shot.  We’ll turn that party into my election party! What?

Hit me up, later!

Party Dude, Oil 🙂

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