Mother’s Against Over-Salting

To the Voters,

A world without sugar is pure evil.

Sugar is the foundation of your favorite part of any feast—dessert. Without it, life would be nothing but monotony.

The expression, “like taking candy from a baby,” wouldn’t exist without sugar, for there would be no candy. And a lot less babies. Nothing says, “I love you,” better than sugar laden treats and chocolates. And there is no party without cake. No cake, without sugar. No cute pictures of toddlers stuffing cake in their mouths, either. Isn’t it the simple things, the small joys, that make life wonderful?

Coffee, tea, and Mary Poppins all make a living with sugar. The antonym of bitter, that producer of all things sweet, sugar lessens the harsh reality of life. In fact, life might not exist if it weren’t for sugar, at least not as you know it in the New World. Sugar plantations helped shape the fabric of the Americas.

For the children, vote for sugar. For your inner child, for the generations of children who depend on you to make the right choice—vote for sugar!

Hugs and Kisses,

Mother’s Against Over-Salters (MAOS)

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